Do you have a simple creative sandbox to play in?

One sign that you may have an over-complicated, and less than minimal, creative set-up, is when you try to create something and spend more time watching YouTube tutorials than creating.

I am currently doing exactly that. I need to reduce the clutter in my creative process. This is particularly relevant in making digital music. It is so easy to overload the computer with plugins and pieces of software that don’t make things easy and simple.

So a new ground rule for me. If I don’t use, or can’t use it easily, then it goes. I don’t have the time to find out how something works, unless, I really, really need it. So far, one piece of software won’t be used, while another is hastily being understood and learnt. Now back to YouTube.

Some guidance on minimalism and creativity

 There’s only showing up, and trying our best to do good work. Day after day, year after year.

A great quote and a good post that got me thinking about how minimalism relates to my creative process. I am always looking for something extra to add to my creative sandbox. Quite often this is done at the expense of just getting on with creating.

I am quite focussed at being minimal in most things, but when it comes to my own creativity, I find it very easy to convince myself that I need additional bits and pieces. More about my own journey in the coming weeks, but if you are struggling with a desire for yet another foot pedal, then this post may just help.

Choosing Better Work Over More Tools