Mid-week crisis

Someday’s I feel good about things. Those days I bounce out of bed, rush through the necessary things and then get stuck in to the tasks ahead. My list will be ready and waiting and I face the day with a sense of purpose.

Today, I didn’t have that. I woke and just didn’t feel like getting out of bed. There was no particular reason I could put my finger on, but I just didn’t feel like the day would be a good one. The past few days have been really productive and life in general has been positive and things are looking good.

It is possible, that I am just feeling a reaction to that. Just a simple, well things can’t keep going well, you need the odd down day, or less proactive day to smooth things out; to keep things on an even footing.

Or is that my subconscious trying to hold me back? Is there an element of a self-fulfilling prophecy coming through. If I feel like I won’t get anything done and moved on, then I won’t. I will struggle and find things difficult

I’m writing this  as I sit and begin the day ahead. I am determined not to let my thoughts stop me from achieving the tasks and goals that I want and need to achieve. I haven’t planned a ‘rest’ day and I have several things that need to be completed, so time to get on and do them.

The only excuse for a mid-week crisis is created by myself, therefore time to un-create and motivate.