The weekly plan, ebb and flow with purpose – minimal monday

weekly plan

I like to be creative. I find myself at any one time working on, what feels like, a gazillion projects and ideas. I have piles of unfinished manuscripts, incomplete musical tunes and unrealised creative dreams. It is part of my creative nature. However, it isn’t very productive or conducive to living a minimal and focussed life.

Part of my issue is that I like to be free. There is a little bohemian boy inside of me that doesn’t want to stick to rules, rigid timetables and deadlines. I think many creative people have a similar personality lurking at least somewhere within – it even may have come out of the closet and be rushing down the street in all its glory too!

I get bored very quickly when working on ideas. My ‘team type’ suggests this too, always nice to be supported by something scientific. However, knowing that I am like this, I should be able to do something about it. The more we know about ourselves the easier it becomes to initiate change.

Because I don’t want to be tied to schedules I rebel and don’t make them. This makes the bohemian inside very happy, but has a disastrous effect on my other ‘personalities’. If I don’t plan things and schedule them, they don’t get done. I wander around my creative playground and simply add to the mountain of unrealised ideas.

How planned is your week?

If I don’t plan my week and list the actions that need to get done, I drift. If my plan is too rigid my mind might rebel. To be forced to do things is against every nerve and fibre, at least of my little bohemian friend. However, when there is no structure, things fall apart.

This isn’t because the things on my list are boring. The vast majority of items currently on my to do list are exciting and interesting projects. Perhaps completing the tax return isn’t one of those, but then it isn’t a priority at the moment either.

This week though I know what I am going to be working on. I have planned things more clearly than I normally do.

I don’t want to drift; I want to ebb and flow with purpose.

Being focussed on what needs to be done is a minimal ideal I struggle with. I like to do lots of things and so sticking to one, or two, or three can be difficult, but it is necessary. I want to live a simple creative life and part of that means being focussed on what needs to be done. To simplify my creative process I have to plan and structure my week.

My tasks for this week have been broken down into small blocks. These block aren’t too big and there is also space in the diary for dreaming and wandering and thinking outside my current projects. This should keep the bohemian boy happy but also mean that at the end of the week he has something to show for his hard work.

A simple, minimal plan, for a creative bohemian character.

Do you plan your week?

Who invited Vague Agenda?

who invited Vague Agenda

So far Monday isn’t working for me. No, that’s not right. So far I’m not working for Monday. I woke with a clear agenda of things to do. No, that’s not quite right either. It was a vague agenda and vague agendas meander and wander and frustrate those attending meetings with them.

Vague Agenda is the uninvited guest. Vague will appear to care. Vague will tempt you with seemingly grand rewards. Vague knows what to say, how to make the right noises at the right time. Vague oozes confidence, a confidence that tricks. Vague will make you think you’re important and in command and on the right track. But Vague will be leading you on a merry chase.

Vague will leave you empty and unfulfilled. Vague will offer you the world. Vague will deliver frustration. Vague seemed like the ideal person to invite, to bring into the mix. Vague was never what she promised to be. Today I trusted Vague and I was let down. But it is too easy to blame Vague. Vague is as Vague does. I invited Vague, I trusted Vague. I only have myself to blame. I must take responsibility for my actions. Only I can change things. I won’t invite Vague again, especially on Mondays, however alluring she may be.

Do your feelings hinder your motivation?

me and my hat

Some days I feel fat, bald and a pathetic waste of the planet’s limited resources.

Other days I feel bad about myself.

But some days, I know that I can look after my body better, and try to do so. I’ll exercise, do my yoga and add colour to my cuisine. I realise that I can use the earth’s limited resources wisely. I will attempt to leave a footprint as small as I can. I’ll make wise decisions about what I need and what I don’t need. I still have little to no hair… but we are all uniquely different, and I love hats – today is a hat day.

I am easily knocked back. For as long as I can remember I have lacked confidence in what I do. I have to push myself to keep going, and sometimes, when I don’t feel particularly good about myself, that is difficult.

Quite often I find myself knocked back by things I have no control over. Anything that we can’t do something specific about, or even begin to influence in any way, is something beyond our control. There is no point in letting those things stop us from what we should be doing. It may be difficult, even emotionally painful, but we have to put those things to one side. If we can’t do anything about them, we just have to let them take their own course.

There are plenty of things I would like to change at the moment. These things would make me happier (or at least I believe they would), improve my situation and the situation of others. However, I can’t do anything specific about them at this time. These things are affecting my creativity and motivation. I have to put them aside. This doesn’t mean forgetting about them. It may be that at any moment there is something I can do, but until that moment arrives, I must continue with what I need to do.

This isn’t about allowing negative and bad and destructive things to happen to us. It is about knowing that they might. And, when they do, accepting them. If there is something we can do about them fine, if not, that is fine too. Some things we can change. We mustn’t let ourselves be immobilised by things we can’t.

I don’t feel great about myself at the moment. But today is a hat day, and the day is a gift to use wisely.