My computer is gone, I am beginning to think

I feel like a penitent at confession. ‘Forgive me, it has been six days since using my MacBook.’ It is getting a new battery, and all the other attached parts – does small have to mean complicated and connected?

The upside? I am looking for one, always seek an opportunity in the midst of adversity (adversity – I am only talking about a computer repair). I have been forced to rethink how I do things. Without my normal writing tools, I have used, after a few tries and teething experiences, what is available. And what is available is what I already have.

This post is being written on the iPhone, using the WordPress app. I have also written plenty of posts using the iPad. I know that I am very fortunate to have these devices, losing my main productivity device isn’t much of a burden. However, it has made me think through what I am doing and how I do it. Just that process has helped me be less busy but more productive.

In addition, I am spending more time with my old favourites pen and paper. This is forcing me to think. Could it be that using the computer every day, seemingly every moment, I have stopped thinking? Am I regaining the use of my brain? I hope it comes back soon, all this thinking is hurting my head.

After writing this post, Darren became self-aware. He was last seen smiling and strumming his guitar.

I am sans my MacBook for up to a week – distraction free moments

Due to a battery fail and AppleCare I am without my MacBook for up to a week. This gives me a wonderful opportunity to think things through without the distractions of certain pieces of creative software at my fingertips.

It will also highlight how much time I am wasting, not working on projects, but just ‘browsing’ from app to app. I will use the time to be ruthless and relentless and remove apps on the iPad and iPhone. There are far too many that I don’t, or shouldn’t use.

Pen and paper

In addition I’ll have time to meander with a pen and paper. I do this a lot, but my ‘analogue’ journaling gets squeezed between those digital moments. Returning to pen and paper is as important for my creative mind as several hours lost in Logic Pro or Scrivener. I can make connections between ideas with greater fluidity on paper… is that the digital Holy Grail, or, if it ain’t broke…?

Make the most of what at first appears a productive disaster. I may have lost an important tool for the a while, but the workman can still build.

Why the iPhone 6 proves I’m still a consumer

iPhone box

When I am full I stop eating, or should. Often I don’t and the consequences are that I feel sick, bloated and ultimately unwell.

We shouldn’t drink too much. Often we do, and well, you don’t need me to tell you what happens. This is human nature, we consume, we devour.

I don’t want to live this way. I am trying to use only what I need. To re-use and recycle what I can. To break free from the non-stop consumer conveyer belt I find myself riding. Sometimes, I fail… or do I?

‘Your device is almost full, go to settings’

For the first time I find myself in the queue at the Apple store. It’s not a big queue, and it isn’t rowdy, we’re British and reserved you know. Yes, I have consumed. I find myself on the upgrade bandwagon. The iPhone 6 proves that I am still a consumer.

I did justify it to myself. A couple of years ago I bought an iPhone 5 and for the past couple of months I had been getting the above message. I had run out of space. The iPhone has become a very useful tool as I create. It is part of my writing process and now my music creating process. The iPhone 5 was beginning to reach its limits though. A lack of space and, when dealing with audio, speed.

What I need to do is remove the superfluous. I have far too many apps on the iPhone, ones I don’t use and don’t need. It’s funny but I find myself using the old hoarder’s argument, well I may use it one day.

The question I am asking myself is whether I am legitimately justifying my need. I never needed an iPhone before it existed. Now though, I am ordering and upgrading on release day. I don’t want to be on this consumer conveyer belt, but I can’t, apparently, break the ties yet.