My computer is gone, I am beginning to think

I feel like a penitent at confession. ‘Forgive me, it has been six days since using my MacBook.’ It is getting a new battery, and all the other attached parts – does small have to mean complicated and connected?

The upside? I am looking for one, always seek an opportunity in the midst of adversity (adversity – I am only talking about a computer repair). I have been forced to rethink how I do things. Without my normal writing tools, I have used, after a few tries and teething experiences, what is available. And what is available is what I already have.

This post is being written on the iPhone, using the WordPress app. I have also written plenty of posts using the iPad. I know that I am very fortunate to have these devices, losing my main productivity device isn’t much of a burden. However, it has made me think through what I am doing and how I do it. Just that process has helped me be less busy but more productive.

In addition, I am spending more time with my old favourites pen and paper. This is forcing me to think. Could it be that using the computer every day, seemingly every moment, I have stopped thinking? Am I regaining the use of my brain? I hope it comes back soon, all this thinking is hurting my head.

After writing this post, Darren became self-aware. He was last seen smiling and strumming his guitar.