Week Four – 30 Day Journal

I have completed Root: A 30 Day Journal Project by Lisa Sonara Beam. For 30 days an email prompt was given and then we, the participants, journaled, or art journaled, our response.

There was no pressure to share what was created, but there was a Facebook group and related hashtag used across social sites. I have been sharing my pages, a rather cathartic process, both in the group and here.

Here are the final set of pages I created. I have found the process helpful and will continue to art journal as much as I can. It will be interesting to see how easy that is without the prompts.










That’s January’s created challenge complete. Next is February and the attempt to write 14 songs in 28 days… I may take a creative break for a day though.

Week Three – 30 Day Journal

I am now at the end of week three of the 30 Day Journal Challenge by Lisa Sonara Beam and I continue to learn stuff about myself.

Of course, learning is just one part of any process. Putting what is learnt into action is often a lot more challenging. Still, the journaling, or more accurately, the visual journaling process, with a daily prompt has been very helpful.

I’m still doing my regular digital journaling as well as this. But taking a digital break to sit with a pen, paints and the blank page is a very helpful process. Forward to week four.








Being thankful on Blue Monday

a flower and a fly

Today is the most depressing day of the year: Blue Monday. All the details, including the formula, can be found here. With January, and in fact, most of December, being grey and wet in the UK, this will pretty much add to the feeling of gloom. I wonder if the Samaritans have made more phone lines available.

When I realised that Blue Monday was today, I had a quick look at how I felt. I have had a difficult couple of years, and I’m still dealing with several issues. If those issues were resolved I imagine that I would be a little happier and content. In other words, just like the Blue Monday equation, external forces are influencing my happiness.

However, the issues that I am facing are out of my hands. I can’t do anything about them. I have no control over resolving them at the moment. So why am I letting them influence me? A quick look at the Blue Monday equation shows that many of the influences there are out of our control too. If we can’t change things, we need to put them aside; I need to put them to aside.

With my difficult issues sidelined, I enable space to be thankful for what I have, for the good things in my life. And it is surprising how many things there are that I can be thankful for. A mindful look at a normal day reveals no end of things. Things that are both in and out of my control.

  • It is far easier to focus on a few negative things, to see this monday, or any other day, as blue.
  • It is far healthier to give a little mindful focus to the near infinite number of things to be thankful for.

Let’s begin:

  • Your first breath as you wake…

Week Two – 30 Day Journal

I have completed the second week in the 30 Day Journal project by Lisa Sonara Beam. It has once again proved enlightening and an interesting creative challenge. It is encouraging me to think in different ways about familiar feelings and thoughts, and this is where I am finding it most helpful.

Even the little bits of art I am creating during this process have been helpful. I am learning new techniques and finding out what does and doesn’t work. All in a friendly and supportive environment.

As always I am thinking about the future and where I go once the 30 days are ended. Will I look for another journaling challenge with a group or move to something different? I don’t know yet, and I am putting those thoughts on the back burner while I continue to enjoy the next two and a bit weeks.

Here’s what I have done in week two…








Week One – 30 Day Journal

For the past seven days I have been journaling. Let me put that into a little context. For the past nth years I have been journaling, or keeping a notebook, or blogging, or keeping a diary, analogue and digital. I even have several going at the moment. However, I have signed up, jumped in and having been keeping up with a project created by Lisa Sonara Beam Root: A 30 Day Journal Project. And I am having a lot of fun.

Which is interesting because it is again revealing many areas in my life that I would like to improve. Areas that I am aware of, which I often gloss over and make excuses about. The difference between the journaling I have previously done, and this, is that this is guided. Each day there is a simple email prompt, which can be interpreted as you wish. There is a Facebook group and a hashtag that can be used to share your pages and thoughts, but again there is no pressure on doing that.

So, I am now one week in to the project and thought I’d post about it and share the pages I’ve so far created. There’s no great art here or deep insight, but the process is proving beneficial. Journaling is a good way to look at how you feel and act, and, if needed, change and adapt. It’s also a good way for me to begin this year after the changes and upheaval of the recent past.








What is the perfect relationship?

What is the most important thing in any relationship?

What we can do for the other person, or what they can do for us?

I’m not exclusively talking about actions, it could be variations on that, like making someone happy, being attractive, exciting someone, and so on.

I’m sure we’d like to say it should be mutual. There should be a trade between both parties, a win win scenario, as they say. But how true is that in reality? Different personalities mean that we all like, want and need different things.

In a perfect relationship each partner knows what the other needs, even when these are different to their own.

Perfection and reality are often worlds apart. That’s why so many relationships fail, are dysfunctional or painful. Perhaps I am a little jaded from personal history. I know that I have certainly failed to meet the needs of others.

There are many types of relationship though, and that is where my initial thought began. I was having one of those spiritual philosophical moments. Specifically, what is the perfect relationship with the divine? Would it be one sided or is it mutual?

I don’t have the answer, but it kept me thinking for a while. Of course it all depends on whether you even think there is anything more beyond or within what can be physically observed.

I still believe in the perfect relationship, between humans and with the divine.

I still live in hope of finding both.