Having a mid-year sort out

Well it is more than a mid-year sort out. For a variety of reasons, that may or may not become apparent over the next few months I am having a major reorganisation. This is partly due to an underlying realisation that I have over-complicated too many things, and linked with an interest in minimalism. There is also an inbuilt spiritual dimension to focussing on ‘needs’ rather than ‘wants’. I’ll expand on this in future posts.


Bookmarks and bookmarking

One of the things that has been bugging me is the colossal number of bookmarks I had collected in my browser. Having a job that demands that I keep up to date with all things internet I had accumulated far too many. I hadn’t organised them and many of the sites hadn’t been used or even visited since I clicked the bookmark button.

So I set about sorting them out. I created folders that related to actions, based on the article by Gina Trapani, and then went through all my bookmarks putting them into the right folders. The only bookmarks (sites) I kept were those I would use.

Google sync vs. xmarks

A while back I switched from xmarks cross-browser bookmarking service to chrome’s built in sync service. For a while I was quite happy with this, until I tried to actually delete a bookmark. It seems the chrome sync doesn’t like deleting bookmarks. There are plenty of forum threads discussing this, but I didn’t have time to look for a solution. So I disabled the bookmark aspect of the syncing service and returned to xmarks.

Long and winding road

I have plenty more to do on my journey to a simpler life, but at least the bookmarks are sorted. I’m sure some are wondering why I didn’t simply delete all the bookmarks and start again? I could have, but I had already tried that some time ago. I put all the old bookmarks into a folder and decided that I would delete the folder after a set time if I hadn’t used it. But I did use it and many of the bookmarks in there were needed. I knew the only way forward was to sort it out, so I did.


  1. Sally says

    ‘I knew the only way forward was to sort it out, so I did.’ Those worlds are GOLD. I”m going to keep and treasure them.

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