My word for 2014 is…

2014 word mindfulnessThis is the post that reveals my ‘word’ for 2014. Your reading this after I have struggled for days to make a decision on what it should be. I have pondered several words, for several days, but I wasn’t content with them. None of the words really captured everything that I wanted them to say. For someone who has a love of words, that was quite frustrating.

Some of the words and phrases I was considering were focus, live it, travel and journey, but they were disparate. They relate to things I want to do, but not necessarily the way I want to do them. So I needed something else, and I think I have found it. It encompasses my goals but also the way I will achieve them.

My word for 2014 is mindfulness.

I am not referring to a specific brand of mindfulness. This isn’t about a shift in religious perspective, although I hope that it will influence every aspect of my being, including the spiritual. This is about being in the moment as I do something and being in the moment as I journey.

Mindfulness takes care of my focus. I have wasted far too much time, particularly on things that are unimportant and more accurately don’t enhance my life. Therefore in 2014 I will be mindful of what is important and needs to be done.

I will be mindful in my work. This will be exemplified with a focus that I have lacked. I have always flitted from one idea to another, but this year I want to give each idea my full attention whilst working on it.

Being mindful will enable me to enjoy and be grateful of where I am, and yet give me scope to aim toward other destinations. I tend to look toward to the future and worry about what may or may not happen, so a year of being mindful on where I am will hopefully bring some balance.

I don’t know where I will end up in 2014. There are huge changes going on in my life at the moment. What I do know is that I will be focussed on each moment. I will take note of where I have been, grateful for where I am and enjoy each step of the journey I take.

Do you have a specific focus for 2014?



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