Point 5 of 10 in 2010

I have now reached the six month point into my goals and dreams based around the number 10 in 2010. However, I can’t say that I am halfway to reaching everything that was planned. Part of the reason for that is because I still had gaps in what I wanted to achieve when I started; the final destination hadn’t been decided upon.

So, as I reach the halfway mark, albeit a little late, it is time to sit back and evaluate where I am. I have edited my 10 projects, added another couple and wondering whether anything else should be added. The next thing to do is to make those projects into concrete goals with some measurable results.

As for the other things on the 10 in 2010 list I am doing okay… ish. I still haven’t made a move on the 100 things challenge and I am only just starting to build a network of people.

The other element in all this is that I had originally planned to keep this blog separate from the ‘day job’. The problem is that the ‘day job’ is so integrated with my life and mission statement, that it is proving impossible to do that. My previous social media post is an example of this. So more and more of the content here, and in my 2010 progress, will include the working hours.

Of course there are little things that come along and mess up the most detailed of plans. One of those is that I now need to replace the bath… it has broken, fallen apart. It was one of those projects I was hoping to avoid by moving home before the bathroom needed renovating. Now, that isn’t an option.

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