Post summer goal review

It’s time for my monthly review of where I am with things. However, I’m not overly concerned with the amount of red below, as I took a bit of a break. Still as a way of being accountable I’ll list and make the odd comment about where I am.

  1. Spend 10 minutes meditating on my mission statement – I have slipped a little with the regularity of this, so back down to amber this month
  2. Record 10 pieces of music for distribution – well I haven’t done much about this. I have been practicing my guitar scales, but no actual recording
  3. Lose 10lbs in Lose Weight Exercise – No comment
  4. Write 10 posts – from total fail to movement. I have made a start, and a big start. I am noting ideas each day on 750 words and now have enough ideas to keep me going for a few months
  5. Create 10 imagesafter a reasonable start last month, the paint brushes have remained dry
  6. Identify 10 people for an influential network – ongoing and slowly being built
  7. Have 10 minutes Lose Weight Exercise per day – *cough* move on
  8. Increase web traffic by 10% – still tied to writing the posts above, but I am moving and have set myself some deadlines
  9. Scan RSS reader for 10 minutes per day – and I now have plenty of time to get more done. To see how I do it, you can read my guide to taming your RSS reader here
  10. Practice twitter in 10 minutes –  I have continued to cut down my twitter time

So, not great but progress.

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