Review on the 10th delayed as I seek coalition

These posts, where I review how I’m doing with things, are purely for myself. Firstly, I get to see how I am progressing and tick off what I have achieved and secondly, I am at least somewhat accountable.

The downside to that is that I quite often let the 10th slip past. This month is yet another example of that. But here I am and it’s time to review where I am with everything.

Well the book is finished. I am currently reading the proofs to confirm that I am happy with all the changes, and then it is off to the printers. So I can finally tick off the first project of 2010.

The next on the list is the music and getting that back on track. This is all about finding some quality time to sit down with the digital studio and literally make music. This is easier said than done and may need to organised with some time blocked off; five minutes here and there isn’t really an option.

I think the take a photo each day has been left behind. I may get going on it later on in the year, perhaps do something for a month or so, or express the goal through my photoblog. I’ll make a decision on this by the next review.

The theme is still here and still being developed. I have been focusing on the functionality side rather than the aesthetic (can you tell?)

As for the other things on my 10 in 2010 I can now try and get my head around them. I suppose I underestimated how much time the book manuscript would take. When I was told at college to multiply how long you thought it would take by three I didn’t believe them. Now I do.

This next month I’ll be looking at developing my blogs and networking. There will be a new series of blog posts detailing how that will happen too. I am hoping that by detailing my progress and actions it will help others as they take steps into social media and blogging. There may well be one or two changes on how this site and blog presents itself. So, until we meet again…


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