Blogging is dead; long live the blog

Blogging is dead.

I look at some old bookmarks on my browser. I click on the links. I visit the blogs. They haven’t been updated for months, some even years. I feel sad for times past. I remember happy times reading what was written. I laughed at some situations, commiserated at others. I made virtual friends. Now those blogs are either finished or in hiatus. I have lost contact with those virtual friends. I miss them. Nostalgia.

Blogging is alive

I look at my RSS reader, my tumblr dashboard, Facebook news feed. I flip through Flipboard. I click through on interesting links. I visit the blogs. They are all recently updated. I can relate to what is written; the photos and videos shared. I laugh at some situations, commiserate at others. I have virtual friends and some people I know offline too. These are blogs I read now, some have run for years, others months, others just weeks. Life moves on.

I should update this more often


Happy birthday to my blog

computer keyboardToday this little plot of cyberspace opinion reaches its ninth birthday. Yes, this blog, in all its various guises is nine years old. I was blogging and posting before then, but on the 21st September 2004 things got a little more serious and this blog was born.

  • Over the years it has had various names and been hosted on at least one different platform
  • Like all bloggers I have struggled with sharing too much or too little
  • I have deleted many posts yet failed to publish many I think I should have
  • I have met many new friends via this blog, and lost track of many as well

This next year I hope, once again, that I will be a little more consistent in posting. I will try to offer content that grabs the attention and makes the reader ponder, if only fleetingly, the opinions I offer.

But most of all I am grateful for the opportunity that the Internet offers. I am able to share my thoughts with whoever wants to listen to them. This freedom mustn’t be taken for granted, so I am truly grateful for all it offers.

I am thankful that I have had this ability for the past nine years, and I hope and pray that it will continue for many more in the future.

Seven year itch – happy birthday blog of mine

Seven years ago today I began this blog. I wasn’t sure what I would say or where it would go. I had been using on-line journals for a while, but they were private and within gated communities, so I decided to go public.

It’s emphasis has changed, developed, lapsed, changed hosts, obtained a proper url and so on. It hasn’t always received the attention it should from both myself, and the odd time I have written something quite interesting, from others.

But it is my blog, it is personal and as such does meander through the virtual landscape. I don’t have any grand plans for this space, the grand plans are for other sites I run and keep going.

So happy birthday to ‘an insignificant opinion’, long may it continue to offer a thought among the many.

Predictions for 2011 are on their way

I’m not very good at predicting things. I have never won the lottery, or successfully won a bet on a major sporting event. I constantly fail to identify the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest and even under-estimate how long most car journey’s will take.

However, I have decided to take a stab at making some predictions for 2011. This blog focuses on three main areas.

  • Publishing – this is what I do, so I take an interest and make the odd comment
  • Digital – this is how I do the above, but I also have an interest in the technology too
  • Divine – this is where I think beyond what I do and know, a little subjective spirituality

So the next three posts, unless any bookmarks pop up, will be my predictions for 2011 in those three areas. And when I say predictions you could read premonitions or even thoughts… but just in case, remember where you heard it first.