Some issues with the BT Home Hub

I thought this may help one or two people and save a bit of time.

  • To get our Home Hub working wirelessly we had to change the channel it was using from 1 to 11
  • Sometimes Internet Explorer won’t allow you to enter your password for the Home Hub, for some reason IE7 isn’t very compatible with it. Use Firefox… as you should be anyway
  • Make sure you are always able to connect to your Home Hub via the Ethernet port in order to fix things
  • The BT engineers are very helpful and friendly and patient

If you have any issues, leave a comment and I may be able to help

Ever had one of those d’oh times?

Now I want to make it clear that I wouldn’t change my broadband supplier. I believe the service and features, for the price I pay, is wonderful. So there you have it, I wouldn’t move from BTBroadband unless it was a matter of life and death – and I would recommend them to anyone.

However (yes it is coming), there are one or two quirks that I have had to deal with and sometimes they come back to haunt me. For instance when I got the wireless hub it wouldn’t connect. Despite all my best efforts in trying to place the wireless adapter close to the hub, inline and even right on top of it, it wouldn’t find a strong enough signal to connect. I did however find the solution at an online forum, where they said change the hub setting to channel 11 from automatic or 1. Of course to do this you need to have a connection to the hub – can you see the problem? Wireless connection won’t connect to the hub, solution change the settings on the hub, via a connection!

Fortunately I have an adpater card and so was able to pull out the wireless adapter, plug in the network card and then change the settings. It worked fine and I have enjoyed problem free connection ever since… until tonight.

As you can see from previous posts I have got a new Hub phone to use on the broadband connection and to other pcs – so if you have a Skype number feel free to drop it in. The instructions for the phone told me to click a button and then press the button on the back of the hub for 3 seconds. I stopped reading. When I pressed the number nothing appeared to happen… so I kept it pressed. The hub lights flashed.

For some reasons all connections to the internet were gone.

I reread the intructions, ‘press the button for 3 seconds… only, any longer and the hub will reset. And you know what that means, channel reset to 1 and not 11. The solution… unplug the wireless adpater, plug in the network card and reset it all.

Perhaps I should read the intructions a bit more.

BT Broadband issue resolved

Just an update, as I like to be fair, to say that the issue with BT that I had has been resolved. I recieved a message from them yesterday saying that the situation was sorted and that I would not be charged in any way, shape or form. Now all I need is the phone that should have got to me yesterday as well – but there has been a postal strike.

Update… the phone has arrived too. Well done BT