It’s just my opinion

The west proudly purports to be free; to promote free speech and democracy. We look down upon those lesser nations who have an unelected dictator or military leader with a god complex.

Okay. So here we are in the liberated west and yet we get upset when someone expresses their point of view. A couple of examples…

Top Gear

Okay I have other issues with these guys but they express their opinions on their show and they cause an uproar. A couple of comments about a little nation on the US border; Mexico, and all hell breaks loose.

And they are not the only ones. Poor Man Utd manager Alex Ferguson is in trouble for expressing an opinion about a referee in a recent Premier League game of football. Fergie in trouble. (Disclaimer> I was born in the East End of London, currently live in Milton Keynes, so I support Man Utd)


If we live in a free society why do we condemn others for expressing their opinions? What are we afraid of?

Any different?

I’m wondering if we (the west) are any different to any other nations or people around the world? Yes, we live in democracies but instead of suppressing dissent we ridicule it and consign it to extremism. The problem is that satire only works for those intelligent enough to grasp it. If we want to change the opinions of others we need to connect with them… no change there.

Perhaps it is time to fight back and be a little less oblique!!!

I thank Andrew for this…


Stewart Lee tells it as it is!!!

Apology to Mr Allen

I heard over the weekend that MK Dons boss Martin Allen used to allow fellow team mates to call him ‘mad dog’ because they knew him, but he wanted those who don’t know him to call him Mr Allen. Therefore, I would like to apologise publicly for calling him ‘mad dog’ several times at home and in the work place.

I do not want anything to cause offence and upset Mr Allen. For the first time since MK bought and saved* the former Wimbledon footbal club they are doing well. And it is down, in no small way, to the attitude of Mr Allen. His drive and determination has inspired the team to so far lofty heights. They now play like a pack of wolves, devouring the opposition without a care, and they play like a team possessed, like they are crazy gang again; a bunch of mad dogs.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you Mr Allen, keep up the good work.

*I couldn’t care less about franchise football or any negative arguments concerning the whole affair. Wimbledon were bankrupt and about to disappear. MK wanted a football team and so buying their postion seemed like a good thing to do. Stand back and feel the flame