Genesis: a review

I got a copy of the NIV Bible in One Year as a gift last year. So when January 1st came around I thought I’d see if I could make my way through it. It has been many years since I actually read the whole Bible in a concerted effort, and although I am always dipping in and out of it, I thought I’d give this version a go.

As part of this process and perhaps some form of accountability I will give a quick review of each of the individual books of the Bible when I finish them. And so here we go…


For those who don’t know this is the book where it all begins. We have the accounts of creation, Adam and Eve, Noah and the flood, Abraham and Joseph, amongst others. Putting aside discussions about how literal these passages are meant to be taken, what struck me was the lack of God in them.

Don’t get me wrong, God was there. God was the creator; the deity who kicked Adam and Eve from Eden; the divine entity that flooded the earth and the real dream interpreter for Pharaoh. But God wasn’t always evident.

The people in this first book of the Bible went about their lives, getting married, going forth and multiplying and selling their siblings off if they got a little up themselves. But God wasn’t always mentioned. God didn’t always play an obvious part in what was happening.

What struck me was that the people were getting on with their lives, because that was what they were meant to do. They thanked God. They called on God for help. They even challenged some of things God said to them.

But, despite Genesis placing God at the beginning of all things, the first book of the Bible comes across as more to do with people than God. People who struggle with living each day in often hostile environments, dealing with their own cultural issues.