Twitter becomes a useful waste of time

Rolling out from today you should start seeing the search bar on the right hand side of your twitter page. Underneath this you’ll also have a list of the top things being tweeted. This now makes twitter very useful, in addition to its current roll of my favourite waste of time :)

One of the issues I have with twitter is as soon as you have more than a few people to follow, and if one or two of them are prolific twitters, you can easily miss tweets and get drowned in the tweetalanche. By being able to search, and search really well, twitter becomes more interactive. It adds the pull to what is predominantly a push service, despite what it looks like on first impressions.

This also makes it easier to use  via a web browser. So far I have had to use twhirl, tweetdeck and twitkit (okay twitkit is a browser add on) to really get a grip on twitter. But the search function within the main twitter page may mean I rely less on the other twitter clients… only time will tell.

All in all this is a great roll out. How long till facebook make it easier to search statuses?

Use Twitter? Then get Twhirl

If you use Twitter then you need a client to get the most out of it. The web interface of twitter isn’t the best, but then the joy of twitter is that they have released the api and let others have some fun. So follow the steps below to twitter zen. Oh, and I have tried tweetdeck and it is good, but it doesn’t currently have the interaction between the other web 2 sites that twhirl offers, and which I use, and so, sorry.*

  • IMHO the best thing to do is download the adobe air platform – here
  • sing up for a account, to update all your web 2 status’ – here
  • download twhirl – here
  • sync everything up – that’s up to you, click on the help files, or the online videos

Then you will be up to speed and able to respond to scoble, fry and ross.

And of course me and wordlive

*and to be honest, would anybody not want to hear the wonderful french lilt of this guy 😉