Who do I write for?

This post is in reply to a tag from Camille, don’t you just love being tagged? Actually this one was a little different to normal tags and has actually had me thinking about it for a while. The subject of the tag is ‘who do I write for?’ and so with no further ado, let’s get on with it.

I blog, therefore I am would be a far too pretentious way to say that I simply write what is within, so I won’t say that, even if it is somewhat true (so does that make it unpretentious? – I need to get out more)

What I write depends on the context. So if it is at my livejournal account, what I write comes from deep within, it is my ‘journal’ (this post isn’t rocket science) and is used in that sense. I have always been interested in journaling but never got into the swing of it before the world of blogging, so my LJ is my journal.

I also write because I want to share, my imaginality site is my little way of sharing what I have learnt over the years at my current job. I work in a creative industry (yes, Andrew, I did struggle with calling SU an industry, but thought that keeping it vague would be good) and need to be as creative as possible. Therefore that site is where I share some creative insights.

How I write perhaps answers the tag question more effectively. I write in a style that I feel comfortable with, and I feel comfortable with who I am. I write as I live, a little cynically (I am working on that, a little is fine but it can be too much at times), a little cheekily, a bit aloof (ignorance with no desire to learn is a pet hate), but as friendly as I can be (I am not the most sociable chap on the planet [see myers-briggs INTP for confirmation] but online I find it much easier to say how I feel and share myself, and so I do).

So I think that those whom I write for are, myself and anyone else who wants to enjoy the journey that we are all embarked upon.

I’ve been tagged

I’d like to thank Katy for tagging me – cheers, what joy 😉

Now, like everyone else who gets tagged I am also going to say that I don’t normally do this sort of thing, and then continue to do it – such is life. Well the tag has requested that I tell you Five things you didn’t know about me. As I don’t know you that may be a bit hard as I don’t know what you do know and what you don’t :-) But here we go…

1 I was born into an impoverished life in the East End of London; a true cockney. I spent the early formative part of my life here, eeking a living and trying to survive in the heart of gangland. I left this battlefield of Pauline Fowlers and Krays at the age of two months.

2 I used to go clubbing regularly when I lived in London – when I could stay awake beyond 10pm – however, I very rarely paid for entry as I was always on the guest list.

3 My ‘teen’ band once played in front of about 2,000 people at the London Hippodrome

4 I passed the grade 5 exam on the clarinet

5 I left school in the middle of my A-levels to seek fame and fortune in the music industry. Within ten years I was a mature student getting the degree eduction I should have got years before

Well there you go. Five things about me.

I won’t tag anyone else, as most of the people I know have already been tagged and as I hate doing this sort of thing myself, I won’t inflict it on anyone else. Unless of course you really want to :-)