Some guidance on minimalism and creativity

 There’s only showing up, and trying our best to do good work. Day after day, year after year.

A great quote and a good post that got me thinking about how minimalism relates to my creative process. I am always looking for something extra to add to my creative sandbox. Quite often this is done at the expense of just getting on with creating.

I am quite focussed at being minimal in most things, but when it comes to my own creativity, I find it very easy to convince myself that I need additional bits and pieces. More about my own journey in the coming weeks, but if you are struggling with a desire for yet another foot pedal, then this post may just help.

Choosing Better Work Over More Tools

Singing the blues; saying goodbye

I’m getting rid of things. If I don’t use it, or don’t need it, I am saying goodbye. It’s a goal and rule I am trying very hard to implement.

learn to play

In today’s objects of no desire, is my old picture guitar chord book. I have had this for over 30 years. I’ve kept it primarily for nostalgic reasons, I haven’t learnt a new guitar chord for many a year.

I taught myself to play guitar using this book. I followed the pictures and learnt the shapes and the chords. I was about 12 or 13 at the time. Along with learning the shapes I was allowed to play along with another guitar chap at the local church youth group. I will always be grateful to Roy T, for the help, encouragement and advice he gave me. Who’d have thought folk xian choruses from the late 70s would come in useful.

The book has no use and I don’t need it, so it’s off to the charity shop. I hope someone will find it, buy it and learn to play. I believe we need more music in the world.

I don’t need the book, but hopefully someone else will. It’s time to share the music.


The Return of A Thin White Duke

I’m at a local pub, with a friend, a good friend. We’re watching a tribute band, a Bowie tribute band – everything is a copy, of a copy, of a copy.

The Bowie Experience

They are quite good, certainly very competent musicians, and also a good Bowie, even if the vocals do stray very slightly toward Lou Reed – perhaps that’s the day job.

‘We can be heroes, just for one day’ or until the set ends. ‘There was an old-fashioned band of married men (and a female bass player) looking up to me for encouragement’ – everything is a copy, of a copy, of a copy.

I keep tribute bands, and cover bands, in the same box as karaoke. The sort of thing I just don’t do, or appreciate. I may reassess that in light of this evening. I have a good time.