Time for a Mac?

Well after seemingly fixing the email fault with Outlook it continued to return intermittently.

  • give up on Outlook – Microsoft are of the devil
  • install Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Mozilla are not of the devil
  • Test Thunderbird
  • Thunderbird doesn’t work either
  • recheck settings
  • Thunderbird has same intermittent fault as Outlook
  • Apologise to Microsoft, Outlook and all the little Microserfs who created it and do a wonderful job keeping it updated
  • Uninstall Thunderbird – no point in having two redundant email clients
  • check facebook
  • facebook down for maintenance
  • facebook is of the devil
  • realise that the only thing that could affect both Outlook and Thunderbird is Norton
  • (now worry about whether I have used the right word, affect or effect – can’t be bothered to check dictionary)
  • turn off all of Norton and live update (I’m not getting caught out like before)
  • Uninstall all of the Security software on the PC
  • Hope that the PC doesn’t get attacked whilst doing this delicate operation
  • test Outlook, it works
  • Reinstall security software – restart a silly number of times
  • test Outlook, it works
  • scan PC to check I haven’t been attacked
  • wait silly amount of time
  • sleep

If anyone feels called to buy me one of these please feel free to leave a message in the comments