Here comes the autumn


September marks the transition from summer to autumn. It isn’t just the season that is in a state of transition though. Almost every aspect of my life is currently in flux.

As August closes it marks the end of another chapter for me. My part-time role as digital editor for 12baskets has come to an end. The work has been exciting and rewarding and I will be doing some freelance work for them, hopefully long into the future.

It isn’t just work that is changing for me. Several other personal issues are at significant points at the moment. I am not sure of the outcome of many of these. However, the fact that they are all coming to a head at this time is both scary and exciting. One advantage of everything happening at the same time is that I have been able to take a step (well several) back and think things through.

Seasons change, and each season brings its own unique challenges. But I like a good challenge.

Personal predictions and a message for 2011

So what am I hoping will happen to me in 2011? I’ve looked at the three main areas that interest me and will form the bulk of this blog’s niche, however I’ll also be using the blog, as I have done before, to share some personal thoughts and goals.

First off I’d like to make it to 2012. So I’ll be adopting a much healthier outlook on life. Something happens when you reach a certain age. You begin to think about your mortality. Below this age you think you’ll live forever, but at some point, and it varies for everyone, you begin to see that isn’t so. So in will come Lose Weight Exercise and a careful watch on what I am eating. (Actually this started at the end of last year, so it will be a continuation.)

Secondly I’ll be re-launching !maginality. It is going to be a fun place to help anyone interested in being creative. I got into a rut over the last few years with the site and so I’ve been thinking about how to liven it up a little. So look out toward the end of January for some fun, creative inspiration.

Thirdly I will be getting my music out into the wide world. No more hanging around and waiting for the right time and the right equipment. It is all go in 2011 and I’ll be posting here when the first bits are available.


… most of all I hope that 2011 is good for you. I hope it is filled with health and happiness, with the bizarre and the beautiful, with creativity and creations, with moments and eternities, with stories and revelations, with love and joy and a little pinch of amazingness. Live long and prosper; create and be fulfilled.

09:09 09:09:09

I’m implementing a whole load of life-changers today. They are all aimed at making me a better person.

Why today?

Well, I thought the date would be a good one to focus on; 9th day of the 9th month of the 9th year. And then why not at 9 minutes past 9 to make it even more significant.

The initial focus is on health and I’ll share more as I get into my stride. But suffice to say, there is no more fat pepsi going into my system.

Although the change starts today, I am not implementing everything in one go. I’ll be adding little by little, one thing at a time. Here goes.