Snow Day

No need to go to school today as no one will be there. I think all the schools in MK are shut because we have some snow, actually quite a bit.

It’s a Snow Day

There is singing in the streets as the kids get a day of school. The sky is full of white stuff that falls onto the ground making it difficult to walk. So everyone gets to stay at home and do nothing, even me… oh, I was doing that anyway.

Some snow pics :-)

Looks like the garden furniture will not be needed today. And I think the cold may have got to that pot plant.

The snow is this thick!!!

At least the rabbit’s water bottle was kept warm by one of my socks. On the other hand (or should I say foot) my five toed extremity is not too warm :-)

Time for a nice cup of warm tea I think.

Icing arrives a day late

But better late than never.

A thin layer of icing was applied to Milton Keynes to celebrate its 40th… bless

This was the view from my back window