Tim Ferris’ The 4-Hour Work Week – Eco Ego Edition

The latest edition to The 4-Hour Work Week empire is soon to be released. Following on from the world wide success of Ferris’ guide for escaping the 9 to 5 routine and becoming one of the world’s NR (New Rich for the uninitiated), a revised version of the book will soon be hitting (albeit extremely gently) shelves everywhere.

Keeping up with current trends to make everything Eco-friendly, The 4-Hour Work Week, has been revised and will soon have its very own Eco version.

The difficulty was to decide what needed revising. How could the essence and practical tips be retained, and what could easily be removed?

But despite the above concern, which was obtained from a publishing minion, it has been done. The book has been revised and later this month The 4-Hour Work Week Eco Ego Edition will be published.

From the original 300+ pages the eco edition has been shrunk to a 16 page pamphlet, yet it still retains all the essential tools to get out of the rut your sad life is currently in. How has this been done, you may ask.

Well, it was quite simple actually. The publisher has simply removed any reference to Tim Ferris talking about himself, his achievements, how he became a world class Tango dancer, a kick-boxing champion and so on and so on, all before the age of 30.

What is left is a great product to help you eliminate the pointless from your life and then liberate yourself from the way the world wants you to live. Enjoy.

The man himself, well if we removed him from the book, he should at least get a picture on the website.