Time for a Mac?

Well after seemingly fixing the email fault with Outlook it continued to return intermittently.

  • give up on Outlook – Microsoft are of the devil
  • install Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Mozilla are not of the devil
  • Test Thunderbird
  • Thunderbird doesn’t work either
  • recheck settings
  • Thunderbird has same intermittent fault as Outlook
  • Apologise to Microsoft, Outlook and all the little Microserfs who created it and do a wonderful job keeping it updated
  • Uninstall Thunderbird – no point in having two redundant email clients
  • check facebook
  • facebook down for maintenance
  • facebook is of the devil
  • realise that the only thing that could affect both Outlook and Thunderbird is Norton
  • (now worry about whether I have used the right word, affect or effect – can’t be bothered to check dictionary)
  • turn off all of Norton and live update (I’m not getting caught out like before)
  • Uninstall all of the Security software on the PC
  • Hope that the PC doesn’t get attacked whilst doing this delicate operation
  • test Outlook, it works
  • Reinstall security software – restart a silly number of times
  • test Outlook, it works
  • scan PC to check I haven’t been attacked
  • wait silly amount of time
  • sleep

If anyone feels called to buy me one of these please feel free to leave a message in the comments

Outlook 2003, Norton Firewall and fun

Three things that don’t go together and should never be used in the same sentence without the words ‘Please Lord, why me?’ This was my Thursday evening:

  • Outlook can’t connect to your incoming server (error code blah, blah, blah)
  • Microsoft say this can be caused by an upgrade being applied to Office 2003 (very helpful – no seriously, I had identified the problem. I had added an upgrade)
  • Solution, uninstall then reinstall Norton Firewall (drastic, but OK)
  • Attempt to uninstall Firewall stopped as it informed me I was still running Live Update
  • Stop Live Update
  • Attempt to uninstall Firewall can’t be done because it is now telling me it doesn’t exist
  • Norton Firewall still running
  • OK, let’s uninstall all of the BT/Yahoo software as that is what Norton is part of on my set up
  • Unistalls everything (I think)
  • Norton Firewall and Anti-Virus still running
  • OK, let’s reinstall everything from BT
  • Installs everything apart from Firewall and anti-virus (can’t install them as you have to remove them first… aaaargh)
  • Go an watch Simon Quinlag on YouTube
  • Go to BT/Yahoo centre on my PC and find that I can now unistall Firewall and Anti-virus from PC, they do now exist
  • Uninstall them
  • See if Outlook will now connect
  • it does, email is again flowing
  • Reinstall Firewall and Anti-virus
  • Recheck email
  • It all works
  • Go to bed


I seem to have destroyed the installation of Win XP on our family PC, oh well at least it means it will run faster.

To do list:

  • reinstall WinXP
  • reinstall programs
  • reminisce over the files that I hadn’t backed up