Flickr, Yahoo and BT

Well I like to give credit where credit is due, if I get good service I pass it on. If anyone remembers my concerns about where I could store my online photos when Yahoo remove their photo storage, then I have some interesting news.

I get my broadband account from BT. Now it is a little more expensive (I think, suppose I should double check) but I do get unlimited usage and a quite close to 8MB service. I have never had any problems with logging on and up time must be virtually 100%. But part of the package gave me unlimited photo storage with Yahoo. Now Yahoo are shutting down their storage and suggesting people use Flickr – now owned by Yahoo so why would they want two photo hosting solutions [yes they do offer slightly different options but that is probably not worth all the extra work]. No problem there but with Flickr I wouldn’t get unlimited storage. However, I have just found out that as part of my BT broadband package my Flickr account has been upgraded to a Pro account. It will remain that way until I stop subscribing to BT. And they have a nice little utility that will import all my photos.

So once again I am a happy bunny.

Yahoo photos, Flickr and what should I do?

I am quite interested in what plays out with the following link. Apparently Yahoo will be shutting down their photos bit and encouraging peeps to use Flickr instead. Why am I so interested? Well, I use Flickr and I also use Yahoo Photos. Flickr is mainly for public stuff and Yahoo as an online storage facility. As part of my ISP subscription I get unlimited storage on Yahoo but I don’t on Flickr as I am not a pro account.

Even my nice warm cup of tea isn’t helping me worrying about this one.