Lockdown Beltane Mixtape

I made a mixtape of songs that have been bouncing between my ears recently. They all have a vague link, in my head, with the current lockdown and Beltane, which has just passed. It’s just under 40 minutes long, so if you want to have a musical meander for a bit, scroll down.

The mixtape starts with wanting to be somewhere else and in love, onto trying to sort out life, via a dose of immortality and then getting a bit hippie and new age with Marc Bolan. To balance things out, for those who are not new age, it ends with a little witch burning. I like to please everyone. (Actually, please don’t burn witches, it’s not big or clever. Don’t bow to Hansel and Gretel’s peer pressure.*)

*Actually, Gretel pushed the old woman into an oven so technically it wasn’t a witch-burning as such. However, unless someone came and let the old lady out she would have burnt like anything left in an oven for too long.

Apart from that, and just like a FaceBook meme, I’m not going to say anything about the individual tracks. They are simply tracks that are hanging out with me at the current moment.

You can listen to the Lockdown Beltane Mixtape on

Apple Music

or Spotify

Or watch the individual videos of the tracks below…


Cigarettes After Sex



Or a version using footage from Devs

Fixture Picture

Aldous Harding


Weyes Blood


Gary Numan


Jean-Michel Jarre & F&%k Buttons

Ride a White Swan

T. Rex

Burn the Witch


I hope you enjoyed the Lockdown Beltane Mixtape, and remember mixtapes are not just for lockdown but for the whole year x

Original tape image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

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