Ten Years old, time for a new name

On the 21st September 2004 I wrote the first post on this personal blog. Over the years its focus has been on many things and its name has changed. I have been local and global in concern, both flippant and in-depth. The one constant being me, whether I was stuck in Milton Keynes or waiting for my tea to go cold.

Now I am entering a new phase. A lot has happened in my life recently, and changes precipitate others. So, as this is a special blog birthday, it’s time to make a change. I will still remain one voice in seven billion, but I will no longer be offering an insignificant opinion. A special friend told me I wasn’t insignificant and that is true. Each of us is significant in our own unique way.

a creative minimalist

Now, as I enter the next year of blogging and living and pilgrimage and creativity I thought it time to focus on what is currently most important in my personal yatra. Creativity has always part of me. I feel alive when I am writing or making music. Minimalism, or living with only what I need, or require, is also a central tenet to me. Therefore, a creative minimalist is what I am, and I will share my journey here.

In the meantime, happy birthday blog, it’s been an interesting decade, let’s make this next year a creative and minimal one.

Why the iPhone 6 proves I’m still a consumer

iPhone box

When I am full I stop eating, or should. Often I don’t and the consequences are that I feel sick, bloated and ultimately unwell.

We shouldn’t drink too much. Often we do, and well, you don’t need me to tell you what happens. This is human nature, we consume, we devour.

I don’t want to live this way. I am trying to use only what I need. To re-use and recycle what I can. To break free from the non-stop consumer conveyer belt I find myself riding. Sometimes, I fail… or do I?

‘Your device is almost full, go to settings’

For the first time I find myself in the queue at the Apple store. It’s not a big queue, and it isn’t rowdy, we’re British and reserved you know. Yes, I have consumed. I find myself on the upgrade bandwagon. The iPhone 6 proves that I am still a consumer.

I did justify it to myself. A couple of years ago I bought an iPhone 5 and for the past couple of months I had been getting the above message. I had run out of space. The iPhone has become a very useful tool as I create. It is part of my writing process and now my music creating process. The iPhone 5 was beginning to reach its limits though. A lack of space and, when dealing with audio, speed.

What I need to do is remove the superfluous. I have far too many apps on the iPhone, ones I don’t use and don’t need. It’s funny but I find myself using the old hoarder’s argument, well I may use it one day.

The question I am asking myself is whether I am legitimately justifying my need. I never needed an iPhone before it existed. Now though, I am ordering and upgrading on release day. I don’t want to be on this consumer conveyer belt, but I can’t, apparently, break the ties yet.