What is a creative minimalist?

The less I have the more space to create, the simpler my process the more beautiful the creation

Some days I wake up and have about 100 creative ideas before breakfast. My mind quickly becomes overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas, and that is before the tea and toast kick in. Some days it feels like a complete mess. I have a messy brain creating ideas sparking off each other.

A lot of this is due to my personality. There are plenty of personality type tests available. Having taken many of these I understand myself quite well. I am an ideas person. I am inspired by possibilities and potential. I have notebooks, apps, files and folders full of thoughts and ideas. My problem is, that currently, I need to get these ideas realised.

I believe in modelling a minimalist lifestyle. If I don’t need something I shouldn’t have it. If I have something that already does the job I shouldn’t need to buy anything that does the same job, even if it is all shiny. I believe I should only have, or strive to have, what I need, and not what I want, or think would be nice. This is my minimalist philosophy. The world has finite resources and as a member of the human race, I will try to live my life using only what I need.

A creative minimalist, or this creative minimalist, tries to deal with an abundance of ideas with a minimal approach. My creative side wants the latest apps, the latest software, the most expensive instruments, the latest new way of making something. My minimalist side counters with, do you really need that? My creative nature demands and wants, my minimalist nature attempts to be the voice of reason.

It might sound like my minimalist side is the boring puritan out to spoil my creative fun. However, this is far from the case. I have realised that my best creative work is when I approach it from a minimalist perspective. The less ‘stuff’ I use the better the work.

What is a creative minimalist? This creative minimalist is attempting to reach his creative potential by only using what is needed. The Creative Minimalist needs to create, he also needs to do that the most efficient way.

The less I have; the more space to create
The simpler my process; the more beautiful the creation

What’s happened to my 50×50 challenge?

to do list

Way back in the mists of time, or in this post here I introduced my 50 things to do by the time I am 50 challenge. Since then I haven’t said too much about it, and the months have moved on. This means less time to actually do all the things that I was thinking about.

The whole point was a 50×50 challenge, so why have I not got much further? The easy answer would be to insist that life took over, that I got sidetracked with projects and other things. That would be true to an extent. However, the real reason has more to do with the ongoing direction of my life to a minimalist vision.

As I began to compile the list I couldn’t come up with 50 things to do. Even those that I had written seemed less important. Did I really want to do this, or achieve that? What things on the list were really important for my life? It was not a question of what I wanted to do, but what do I need to do? This is the mantra that has been guiding me as I decide what to have in my life. It made sense that it shouldn’t just relate to my possessions but my goals, desires and dreams.

So the 50×50 challenge is a no go. If there are things that I need to do, they shouldn’t need a nudge from a major birthday. I will just plan and action them. I will make myself accountable though. I think that is important. The list is no longer a 50×50 list but a list of things that I need to do. It could be called a bucket list, but it is more of a (rest of) life list, a life plan.

There is no more, one day, or by the time I am 50 I will have done, it is now all about I will do this, because this is my life.

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