Finding my voice

Who are we? What makes us authentic? Is it what we do? Is it what we want to do? Is it fate, D.N.A. or nurture? These and other philosophical musings occupy too much of my time. The current reason for this line of thought is with regard to my music.

I am wondering what is ‘my sound’ or ‘my voice’? What is the distinctive I bring to my art? Or, where does my art sit among the sounds that are already out there.

Eventually I will find my voice, although I would have hoped to be a little closer after so many years. It sits somewhere between acoustic folk and dystopian electronica… and folktronica is a thing! Perhaps this is where I am heading. Although, it seems that particular style uses samples far more than I currently do.

I’m getting off point here though. Which is what I often do. Genres (rules) restrict, however, rules (genres) often enhance creativity. It can focus our effort. If I only have a ukulele I will be more creative with how I use it. If I have a wide range of musical instruments and effects, will it dilute things, dilute ‘my voice’?

As I take this creative minimal journey there are plenty of challenges. Deciding what to remove from my musical toolbox is just one of many steps.