A kindle revelatory moment

I don’t read manuals. I suppose I should. It would make life so much simpler. But then, who needs manuals when you have google and YouTube. One quick phrase into the box and my search fu is all-powerful. However, if I had read the manual I may have found out that there was a very important, generated file on my Kindle.

I was browsing the books currently stored, after reading the thoroughly entertaining and riveting Owner Trilogy by Neal Asher (a review will be forthcoming all being well), when I noticed what appeared to be a book called ‘my clippings’. It took me a nanosecond to realise this wasn’t anything I had bought but something that I had generated. All those highlights I made, as I reading away, were stored in this file.

Not only was this a separate file, but with a little drag and drop, it was copied on to my desktop. There in all their glory were the highlights I had made, ready to be reread, noted and stored. This file is ideal for writing reviews and for finding those wonderful quotes you’d like to share with the world.

If you can access your account on kindle.amazon.com you can also see your highlights there. For me this clippings file is much easier, because, being in the UK, I don’t use my .com account for my Kindle. Hopefully most of you will have read the manual or found this file already. For those who are, like me, a little slow on the uptake at times, I hope you may find this helpful.

And to finish, here’s a quote, from my clippings file, from the aforementioned, Owner Trilogy… as Fox Mulder used to point out, ‘I want to believe’.

For our future, and for the sake of us all, we must believe in the impossible – and similarly achieve it.
Jupiter War (Owner Trilogy) (Neal Asher)